Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter!  Our morning began with our annual Easter egg hunt at home.  
Brady was excited for the hunting to begin!
 Anna found her basket quickly and enjoyed looking to see what was inside.
 A stuffed Boo from Monsters Inc. was a big hit.  She talks when you squeeze her.  Boo's giggle is Anna's favorite.
 Alex took a little while to find his basket, but he was sure excited once he found it!
 Ninja turtle action figures were the big hit.
 A tricky hiding spot didn't slow Brady down from finding his basket one bit.
 Our little monkeys.
 It was a little bright for our family picture, but it still turned out well.
 Following church we had lunch and more Easter fun with Grandma and Grandpa Schwartzhoff.
 The kids were excited to have another egg hunt and lots of fun playing at their house.  Happy Easter everyone!

Museum Fun with the Pangman's

One of our adventures during spring break week was a trip to the Children's Museum with our friends the Pangman's.  The kids were a bundle of energy and had so much fun together.
Alex - out for a little spin.
 Anna - hanging out outside the diner
 Out for a drive together.
Playing in the tree house
 Eli and Anna loved the slide.
 Water Works was a big hit for everyone.

 All six of our munchkins playing together.
 Making our Easter egg crafts.
 I loved that Anna's smock was a long as she is tall.
 Play-dough entertained us all for a LONG time.

 The market was a busy place.

It was a fun day with great friends!

Dying Easter Eggs

We had lots of fun dying Easter eggs this past week.  The boys were so excited!
 Anna enjoyed watching all the eggs change colors too.

 Our finished eggs.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Anna's 2nd Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our Anna!  We can hardly believe how much this little bundle of joy has grown in the last year.  She is such a happy girl, full of giggles and energy.
We celebrated tonight with the five of us.  We went out to Azul for dinner, opened presents, watched Snoopy (Anna's favorite) and had birthday cake.  It was a perfect, family night!
 Anna opening her presents.
 One of Anna's gifts was a Snoopy piggy bank that was mine when I was a little girl.  She loved it!
 A Snoopy photo album

 and picture frame.
 Best of all....Andy has had a stuffed Snoopy put away forever.  Anna loved it!
 Kisses for Snoopy.
 Watching Snoopy
 Me and my birthday girl
 Fun with daddy
 Happy Birthday to Anna!
 She even blew out her own candles this year!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa Wall

This past weekend we headed to LaCrosse for a visit with Andy's grandparents.  Their health has not been the best and grandma was just moved to a nursing home.  We spent the afternoon with them on Sunday and enjoyed catching up and playing with the kids with them.  Love them both so much!

January and February Fun 2013

This picture was taken for my grandma so that she could see the kids in their jammies from her.
We were done with football season in January and decided to start gearing up for opening day.  
Go Brew Crew!
 Making valentines

 Alex's Valentine Monster box for his party at school.
 Valentine's Day brought a snow day! That meant pink, heart shaped pancakes for breakfast!

 Ready for our candlelight valentine's day dinner as a family!
 Yes, he even wears that terrible thing when he plows.
 Teaching grandpa our new Lego board game.
 Tea party with grandma
 Excited about our Snoopy stickers.
 Star Wars bowls, plates, and cups for valentine's day.